A force of nature, witty and authentic, Ali's positive approach to life uplifts and inspires those around her. Originally from Brooklyn, Ali is based in Florence, Italy, with her husband, Seth, and their two dogs Zelda and Junior. Ali teaches workshops on finding inner peace through spirituality and meditation. When not writing or teaching, she entertains friends at her legendary kitchen table.

What is your most marked characteristic?

I am always ready to laugh. Sometimes it is a little inappropriate, but I would rather laugh too much than be too serious.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A full house of people I love, laughing, eating and drinking.

What is your current state of mind?

What a question to ask right now! Being in Italy during this lockdown has made my state of mind a bit…how shall we say…disorienting. Being an empath is not easy in general, but during time of Covid, it is a daily challenge. The world, as a whole, is going through an incredible transformation that will change the way we look at everything. Most transformations are indeed difficult, but when humanity is going through it together and people filled with fear, grief, anger and sadness, it completely saturates the collective consciousness with these emotions. So, while I feel disoriented on many days, I am also filled with an incredible amount of faith that out of this darkness will emerge the light and this will lead us to a more evolved state of being. 

What is your most treasured piece of jewellery? 

My favourite pieces of jewellery right now is my Iris necklace from Fisk London. I never take it off. The colours of the sapphires remind me of life's bright moments.

My most treasured piece of jewellery over time is my mother’s engagement ring. My parents had a real love story and she never took that ring off her finger. I don’t wear it much, but it sits in my jewellery box and I look at it every day and reminds me of her and the unconditional love between my parents.

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