Our story

Fisk London Fine Jewellery is guided by beauty, creativity and curiosity.  It's embodied by the restless spirit that connects storytelling, celebration and heritage through the finest craftsmanship and rare gems. 

The incredible billion-year journey of a single element, carbon, through the earth’s mantle creates the world’s most coveted precious stone. Shaped by extreme high heat and high pressure, the diamond’s ‘flaws’ or inclusions will bear testimony to its path and ultimately determine its value when cut. As nature is reflected in human life, we often discover that our finest attributes are only unveiled through life’s journey.

At Fisk London, we honour this process by selecting stones that reflect the unity of nature and life. Upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship and excellence, we value untraditional stone cuts and colours. In doing so, we offer you a choice of unique diamond cuts and colours so you can unleash your creativity and create your own way. We specialize in limited-time collections that allow us to constantly offer something special, while minimizing waste and keeping inventory small. 

Gemologist-led and founded, Fisk London offers a space to design your own pieces as well as a highly curated selection of fine jewellery. Specializing in coloured diamonds, a phenomenally rare occurrence in nature, Fisk London delivers jewellery that dazzles with a rare lustre, celebrating the authentic and unique expression of your life.


What's in a name?

The name ‘Fisk’ comes from the Danish word meaning fish.  It's a nod to a silver charm that was presented to our founder, who grew up in Denmark,  by her first big love. The gift was, in her young mind, proof that the love she felt was mutual. As is the way of most great love stories, her love was unrequited.  The little silver fish and its bittersweet story will always inhabit an important and happy place in her heart, as part of her journey of growth and healing.

At Fisk London Fine Jewellery we create rare, unique and enduring pieces we can wear as part of our skin, every day. We are made of the same atoms as the stars, the same as the precious gems that adorn us. We are one with the creative energy that is our universe. Our fine jewellery is intended as tokens of love, memory holders and as a sacred place of self-expression. 



Our values


Authenticity is the grounding force that permeates everything we do at Fisk London. We are passionate about our work and believe that fine jewellery has potent powers of connection. We see the greatest beauty in asymmetry and small imperfections and therefore embrace untraditional stone cuts and colours as the new beauty standard. In doing so, we create bespoke pieces that are rare and unusual.

Our values


Fisk London works with some of the world's finest goldsmiths and diamond setters, to ensure a quality that will endure and pay tribute to the rarity and integrity of the jewellery. We use 18K and 14K gold, platinum and all diamonds of significant weight are certified.

Our values


Our work processes embody diversity and inclusion at each stage, and we believe that working together as one international human family builds healthier communities (and makes us happier humans).

Fisk London supports NGOs or charities that help educate young women in underserved communities. We believe that the full and equal participation of women in all spheres of life is essential to peace and prosperity. This year we will be supporting 'Girls Write the Future' and 'Zambian Gems Foundation'.

Our values

Ethical Practice

Fisk London operates in accordance with compliance rules and verified industry standards and practices. We place the utmost importance on working with industry counterparts who have well-established reputations of transparency and due diligence within the space. We believe in responsible sourcing of natural materials and only work with natural diamond and coloured stone suppliers in family businesses spanning generations in terms of time, knowledge, workmanship and expertise. Our diamond suppliers adhere to the Kimberly Process, which is an international initiative created to eliminate trade in conflict diamonds.